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What is The Titan Core vehicle-free zone?

The new Titan Core vehicle free zone was created by popular demand to safeguard students, faculty and staff and to provide protected outdoor space for Titans to learn, gather and create. The Titan Core is for pedestrians only -- no carts, vehicles, skateboards, scooters or bikes.

Where is The Titan Core?

The Titan Core is located in the heart of our campus, surrounding Pollak Library. It also includes the Housing Piazza. Watch for concrete markings and signage designating the zone, and see the map here.

What are the hours for the vehicle-free zone?

Campus carts and vehicles are prohibited in The Titan Core from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday unless they have an EXEMPT permit (see below). Outside contractors and vendors needing access to The Titan Core must obtain an access permit from Parking & Transportation, 800 N. State College Blvd., T-1400. Parking staff will escort permitted contractors and vendors in or out of The Titan Core area before 8 a.m. or after 3 p.m. For details, call (657) 278-3082 or email

Are there any exemptions?

Yes. Campus carts and vehicles displaying an EXEMPT permit on their rear-view mirror will be allowed in The Titan Core under the following circumstances:

• Emergencies

• Safety hazard repair or cleanup

• VIP tours

• Carts needed for ADA accommodations

• Grounds work

• IT Network work

• Set-up for major campus-wide events (Welcome to CSUF Day, Commencement, etc.)

How can I get an EXEMPT permit?

EXEMPT permits have been issued to all Grounds and IT Network vehicles. All other departments can request an EXEMPT permit from their designated fleet coordinator.

What type of enforcement will be done for vehicles found in The Titan Core during the vehicle-free hours?

Campus Vehicles and Carts: Campus supervisors are responsible for enforcing cart/vehicle regulations with their staff.

Vendors and Contractors: Departments providing oversight to the vendors and contractors are responsible for ensuring that they adhere to the vehicle-free zone requirements.

Bicycles Used by Employees and Students: Bicyclists are required to stay on bike paths and dismount at specified locations in The Titan Core. Campus supervisors are responsible for enforcing these bike regulations with their staff. Students who ride their bikes in The Titan Core will be addressed through the proposed enforcement plan that will be unveiled in Spring 2020 and enforced in Fall 2020. Please review President’s Directive 16 for information on riding bicycles on campus.

Students with Scooters and Skateboards: The enforcement plan will be released in Spring 2020 and effective in Fall 2020. President’s Directive 16 currently prohibits skateboards on campus but allows scooters. The Directive will be updated to reflect the vehicle-free zone requirements.

Students Walking Skateboard near Fountain