Water Conservation

Water Conservation Banner

Under a state deadline to cut campus water use by 28% during the 2015 drought, Cal State Fullerton made the quick fix of pulling out 11 acres of grass. It worked, and we hit our goal! But the wildflowers planted instead proved to be high-maintenance.

Today, our campus is following a comprehensive, sustainable landscape plan, including some grass in popular gathering spots. Best of all, we’re still meeting our water conservation goals by:

  • Incorporating colorful, drought-tolerant landscaping in passive zones
  • Installing bioswales that capture water during heavy rains, recharge our aquifer and remove contaminants from stormwater
  • Converting landscape areas to water-wise drip irrigation and low-water-use overhead irrigation
  • Installing low-flow toilets, urinals and touch-free automatic faucets with low-flow restrictors in new construction projects
  • Retrofitting faucets with low-flow restrictors
  • Installing weather-based central irrigation controllers
  • Using the latest varieties of turf grass that require less water
  • Installing soil moisture meters for better irrigation practices
  • Using soil wetting agents to help with conservation of water