Renewable Energy

Building with Solar Panels on the roof

Tapping into the power of the sun, in April 2015 Cal State Fullerton ranked 7th among the top 10 campuses across the nation for its use of solar energy according to Energy Digital Magazine. At the time, CSUF’s 1 MW solar energy system helped offset more than 26.422 tons of greenhouse gas each year, equivalent to removing 5,181 cars from the road for 25 years. 

Today, our systemOpens in new window has grown to 4 megawatts, with solar photovoltaic systems atop the Eastside Parking Structure, Clayes Performing Arts Center and Kinesiology and Health Science building. Canopy systems are also in place in the Nutwood and State College parking structures, as well as the Titan Hall parking lot on State College Boulevard and Dorothy Lane. This allows our campus to generate 13% of its energy from a clean, renewable energy source. 

We are currently exploring our options to bring battery energy storage to the campus.  The battery would be an important part of the micro-grid we hope to create so that the campus can maintain its own electricity in the event of a Southern California Edison power outage.