What Happens Next

Our Service Center team handles all requests for service, from emergency repairs to office remodels and beyond. With your help, we’re paving the road for student success by making Cal State Fullerton a clean, safe and inviting place to learn and work. 

There are two ways to submit a request: 

By Phone - (657) 278-3494
By Email – servicecenter@fullerton.edu 

After hours and on weekends, call the University Police Dispatch Center at (657) 278-2515. For emergencies, always call 911.


Once you submit a service request: 

  • A work order number will be generated within 24 hours (during business hours).
  • Your request will be evaluated by our Service Center team and sent to the appropriate shop supervisor for scheduling. Learn how requests are prioritized here.
  • Our team will determine whether your project is considered routine maintenance or a billable “tenant improvement” that will be billed to your department. Click here for more information on billable/non-billable projects.
  • In most cases, our technicians can then schedule the work and contact you with further questions if necessary.
  • Keep in mind that your project may not be as simple as it seems. Some projects may require planning and design, review and approval by the State Fire Marshal, ADA/accessibility review, plan approval and building permits, and final inspections. Please allow time for these potential steps. You will be advised along the way. 
  • For this reason, if your department is planning a major renovation, it's best to begin budgeting and planning ahead at least a year in advance. Contact our Service Center to get started.
  • For a status update on any service request, call the Service Center.
  • If you have any challenges or concerns with your request, contact our Service Manager for special assistance.