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List of Services

Maintenance and Non-Maintenance Services


Capital Programs and Facilities Management funds the routine care and maintenance of all state-owned campus buildings and grounds. Additional non-routine maintenance, projects or “tenant improvements,” beyond basic care and maintenance, are also available. This work is billed to the requesting college, department or non-state/auxiliary group. To receive a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM)/estimate on your tenant improvement non-maintenance projects, please call x3494 or e-mail the service center at


Examples of Maintenance and non-maintenance services
Maintenance (Routine Services) Non-Maintenance (Billable Services)
Broken sprinkler heads Air conditioning, above building HVAC
Broken windows Bookcase and shelf installation
Burned-out lights Building or room renovations
Ceiling tiles, missing or damaged Electrical set-up for special events
Clock repairs Faucets, new custom installation
Clogged toilets, sinks, urinals Floor cleaning (beyond routine custodial)
Concrete repairs or replacement Furniture assembly/disassembly
Custodial services (routine) Garbage disposal replacement/installation
Emergency response and clean-up Name/desk/door plates
Exit door/gate problems New outlets (additional power)
Floor tiles, loose or broken Packing boxes
Hard-surface furniture dusting Fabric chair/fabric furniture cleaning
Gas leaks Painting, new custom (excluding graffiti removal)
Graffiti removal Security keypad installations
Heating/cooling issues Whiteboard installations
Key broken in lock Lost keys and re-keying
Lock sticking or broken Furniture removal
Locked classrooms Waste removal (outside of receptacle)
Painting, per regular maintenance schedule  
Plumbing leaks  
Power outages and tripped breakers  
Roof leaks  
Seismic Bracing  
Water fountain repairs  

Service Request Priorities


Our CPFM team proudly manages more than 16,000 work orders every year. The priority of a service request is determined based on the needs of the university and available resources.


Emergency work to be Initiated immediately to protect people or property
Emergency safety hazards (downed lines, gas leaks, etc.)
Person trapped in elevator
Elevator stuck, doors open
Flooding or severe roof leaks
Inoperable life safety equipment (fire alarms, sprinklers, exit signs and lighting)
Major electrical, HVAC or water outages
Restroom closure



urgent work to be initiated within 24 hours due to a safety issue of time-sensitive nature.
(the request will be assigned to the appropriate manager/supervisor)
HVAC noises, ceiling leaks or odors
Fallen light panel
Running sink (water waste)
Leaking or overflowing toilet
Sewer odors
Too hot/cold or no airflow
No power to outlet
Tripped breaker
Restroom clogs or leaks



Urgent work to be initiated within 48 hours due to a safety issue or time-sensitive nature.
(the request will be assigned to the appropriate manager/supervisor)
High Priority
Out-of-order sign placement
Trip or injury hazards
Emergency generator issues
Malfunctioning elevator doors, missing buttons or broken lights
Door won't open
Automatic doors off tracks
Bee-related requests



Non-urgent work that can be planned and scheduled based on current workload, available personnel and materials.
Normal Priority
Custodial cleanups or restocks
Unlock general use classroom
Paper towel dispenser repairs
Fallen ceiling tiles
Broken light sensor
Toilet malfunctions (except overflow)
Lock repairs
Glass door or auto door repair
Broken sprinkler head
Dead animal pickup
Broken tree branch

Submitting a Service Request


Our Service Center team handles all requests for service, from emergency repairs to office remodels and beyond. With your help, we’re paving the road for student success by making Cal State Fullerton a clean, safe and inviting place to learn and work. 



There are two ways to submit a request: 


Service Center hours: Monday-Friday, 7:00am-5:00pm


After hours and on weekends, call the University Police Dispatch Center at (657) 278-2515.

For emergencies, always call 911.



Once you submit a service request: 

  • A work order number will be generated within 24 hours (during business hours)
  • Your request will be evaluated by our Service Center team and sent to the appropriate shop supervisor for scheduling
  • Our team will determine whether your project is considered routine maintenance or a billable “tenant improvement” that will be billed to your department
  • In most cases, our technicians can then schedule the work and contact you with further questions if necessary
  • Keep in mind that your project may not be as simple as it seems. Some projects may require planning and design, review and approval by the State Fire Marshal, ADA/accessibility review, plan approval and building permits, and final inspections. Please allow time for these potential steps. You will be advised along the way
  • For this reason, if your department is planning a major renovation, it's best to begin budgeting and planning ahead at least a year in advance. Contact our Service Center to get started
  • For a status update on any service request, call the Service Center


Routine Custodial Services


Cal State Fullerton's custodial team provides a full range of cleaning services for the classrooms, offices and public areas of all state-owned campus buildings, following the schedules below. Restrooms are stocked and sanitized daily, and high-traffic restrooms are checked throughout the day.

To report a custodial issue in your area, please contact our Service Center by phone at x3494 or via email at


ServiceClassrooms, Halls & LabsConference RoomsOfficesHallways & LobbiesStairwells & Elevators

Custodial service checklist for classrooms, offices and public areas across campus
Service Classrooms, Halls & Labs Conference Rooms Offices Hallways & Lobbies Stairwells & Elevators
Remove debris Daily Daily   Daily Daily
Empty trash Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
Empty recycling containers As Needed As Needed As Needed    
Straighten furniture Daily Daily      
Dust furniture Weekly Weekly Upon Request    
Clean whiteboards Daily Weekly      
Clean whiteboard trays 2x Week        
Spot clean furniture   Upon Request Upon Request    
Spot clean desks/tables Daily Daily      
Dust and spot-mop flooring Daily Weekly Weekly Daily Weekly
Vacuum carpets Daily Weekly Weekly Daily (traffic areas)  
Clean glass surfaces As Needed As Needed As Needed As Needed  
Clean drinking fountains       Daily  


Custodial service checklist for restrooms
Service Frequency
Restock Supplies  
Toilet paper Daily
Paper towels Daily
Hand soap Daily
Toilet seat covers Daily
General Cleaning  
Remove litter and debris Daily
Empty trash Daily
Disinfect toilets and urinals Daily
Clean all dispensers Daily
Clean sinks, fixtures and countertops Daily
Clean glass surfaces Daily
Floor Care  
Sweep floors
Dust-mop floors Daily
Spot-mop floors Daily
Machine-scrub floors Quarterly or As-Needed

Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations is responsible for the maintenance of CSUF's physical environment. We inspect campus buildings for maintenance, evaluate and prioritize customer work requests, and provide a host of maintenance services, including:

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Mechanical
  • Paint
  • Plumbing

Facilities Operations is also responsible for oversight of the varied energy sources on campus: solar, cogeneration, and energy imported from SCE.

Custodial Services

Our team of professional custodians service approximately 2.1 million square feet of state facilities. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Floor & Carpet Care
  • Office/Classroom Cleaning

Service Management

The Service Management Team works with campus departments to identify customer needs and facilitate the delivery of services to support the efficient operation of the university. For more information, visit Service Management.

Moving Services

  • Info
  • Info
  • Info

Campus Mail Services

  • All United States Postal Service (USPS) services
  • Hours: M-F, 7:30am-4:30pm

Shipping & Receiving

  • All other mail carriers, other than USPS
  • Hours: M-F, 7:00am-3:30pm

Environmental Health and Safety

EHS provides lab safety, occupational safety, environmental management, environmental health and safety training services to the campus.

Landscape Services

Our team of professional grounds workers service and maintain 235 acres of land including:

  • Grounds Maintenance and Clean-up
  • Drought-Tolerant Landscaping
  • Parking Lot Cleanliness

Planning and Design

Planning and Design directs and manages all design on campus to ensure the creation of quality environments on our campus. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Architecture
  • Floor Plans
  • Remodels


Construction manages construction projects on campus to ensure the creation of safe, quality environments on our campus. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Project Status
  • Construction Scheduling


Our Sustainability Team identifies, tracks, documents, and promotes campus sustainability initiatives and accomplishments. Initiatives include:

  • Solar Panel Installations
  • Water Bottle Refill Stations
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations