Projects banner with CSUF buildings in sunset lighting as background.

A safe, clean, functional and inviting campus is vital for effective teaching and student success. Here are just a few of the recent projects our team is proud to have completed in support of our university’s mission. Scroll down for updates on campus projects year to date.



MAJOR Capital projects (YTD)

McCarthy Hall Renovation


Status: Completed
Project Manager: Joel Gonzalez

Project Description: Renovate, enhance, and upgrade the 2nd floor. Project includes student collaboration areas and informal learning spaces, as well as completing required code upgrades.


BEFORE photos:

McCarthy Hall Before: long hallway, old signs, and fluorescent lighting. McCarthy Hall Before: long dark hallways, outdated designs, and fluorescent lighting

AFTER photos:

McCarthy Hall After: modern designs, comfortable lounge areas, and unique learning spaces. McCarthy Hall After: modernized lab and learning spaces, areas where students can gather, and new faculty offices.

Physical Services Complex Renovation/Replacement (Corp Yard)


Status: Design In-Progress
Project Manager: Oscar Flores

Project Description: Refurbish and modernize the existing Corporation Yard facilities.

Baseball/Softball Facilities Improvements


Status: Completed
Project Manager: John Spencer

Project Description: Renovate existing building and construct a new one consisting of locker rooms, showers, coachs' offices, and other spaces for both the baseball and softball teams. The new construction will address accessibility issues and access for emergency vehicles.


Baseball & Softball Facilities Improvements: bronze statue in front of Robinson Plaza, and new Cal State Fullerton Titans sign.

Updated locker rooms, lounges, and offices with new equipment and furniture

Student Housing Phase 4


Status: Completed
Project Manager: John Spencer

Project Description: Build a new 6-story, 600-bed student housing complex that will include graduate and staff apartments, lounges, multi-purpose rooms, and campus support function spaces.

Interior: students lounging on their beds; students sitting at table in front of elephant mural; students gathering in common area; and students in their kitchenette.

Exterior: front of building at dusk; front of building with students sitting in common areas; center of the building; aerial view of entire building.

Images by Lawrence Anderson Photography, 2023

Visual Arts Complex Modernization


Status: Construction In-Progress
Project Managers: Joel Gonzalez & Laura Riegler

Project Description: Renovate the A&E buildings in the Visual Arts Complex which were constructed in 1969. The project will correct functional, building code and programmatic deficiencies and extend the service of life of a 53-year-old building complex. Construction of new gallery and classroom buildings.

VA Complex - North view. Layout rendering with all new and current buildings of the complex.

VA Complex - West View. Aerial image rendering of all buildings within the complex.


View drone footage of the construction site:

McCarthy Hall Fire/Life/Safety Upgrades


Status: Permit Plan In-Progress

Project Manager: Joel Gonzalez

Project Description: Fire, life, safety upgrades to McCarthy Hall including fire sprinkler and alarm system at 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th floors. Basement fire alarm devices will be made addressable. Also includes improvements at corridors including ceilings, lighting, flooring, and painting.

Kinesiology & Health Science Pool Replacement

KHS Pool after renovation with orange and blue line dividers and backstroke flags. KHS pool after renovation with backstroke flags and pool covers.


Status: Completed
Project Manager: Joel Gonzalez

Project Description: Remove and replace existing two pools with one Olympic-sized 50 meter pool. Pool to have a moveable bulkhead to allow for a variety of programming, including men's and women's water polo.

Titan Hall ASC - Parking & Transportation Relocation


Status: Design In-Progress

Project Managers: Laura Riegler & Lillie Wister

Project Description: Relocate Parking & Transportation to the first floor and basement of Titan Hall ASC.

Battery Energy Storage System


Status: Design In-Progress

Project Manager: Oscar Flores

Project Description: Installation of a Battery Energy Storage System (lithium iron phosphate battery, capacity 1 MWh) at the new Eastside Parking Structure for use as a peak-load reduction.

Center for Leadership Building


Status: Design In-Progress

Project Manager: John Spencer

Project Description: New 20,000 square foot donor-funded building to be located on Folino Drive at the northeast corner of the College of Business. Includes auditorium, library, conference room, and offices for faculty and staff.

Center for Leadership rendering of future building.

Student Housing Phase 5


Status: Planning In-Progress

Project Manager: John Spencer

Project Description: Demolition of the existing Phase I housing and build a new 500-bed apartment-style (2 bedroom/4 person units) student complex that will include RA and staff apartments, laundry and mail rooms, a market, and campus-support function spaces.

Student Housing Phase 5 layout rendering, showing location between Arboretum and Willow and Elm resident buildings.

Engineering and Computer Science Innovation Hub


Status: Planning In-Progress

Project Manager: Lillie Wister (planning) & John Spencer (design/construction)

Project Description: Phase 1a of this project is to design and construct a new multi-story, approximately 27,000 ASF/42,000 GSF engineering and computer science building with associated site work.

Titan Gateway (Nutwood Pedestrian Bridge)


Status: Planning In-Progress

Project Manager: Oscar Flores

Project Description: Construct a pedestrian bridge across Nutwood Avenue connecting College Park to the main campus.

Titan Gateway Bridge rendering of future bridge, walkway, bike path, and seating areas.

Elephant Statue at O'Brien Square

Status: Planning and Design In-Progress

Project Manager: Laura Riegler

Project Description: Install an elephant statue in the area north of Gordon Hall.

Elephant Statue renderings from front, back, and side views, with people standing near for size proportions.

PLS 6th Floor History and IBII

Status: Planning In-Progress

Project Manager: Lillie Wister

Project Description: Renovate approximately 14,000 sf  of the 6th floor of PLS to house the Department of History, Center for Intellectual Black Innovation, Center for Digital History, and potentially classroom for 40-45 students.


 Minor Capital Projects (YTD)

Minor Capital Project Initiation FlowchartOpens in new window

2023: November & December Projects


December 2023


November 2023

2023: September & October Projects


October 2023
10/27/2023 H 835J Patch & Paint David Hess
10/26/2023 SHCC Replace Access Control with Persona System David Hess
10/26/2023 SHCC W 144 Renovation David Hess
10/26/2023 GH Entrance Repair David Hess
10/26/2023 GH 228 Renovation David Hess
10/24/2023 Arobretum Heritage House Roof Replacement Ashton Daneshmayeh
10/24/2023 SRC Plan & Review GNR Locker Rooms Oscar Flores
10/24/2023 SGMH 1105 Classroom Conversion Ashton Daneshmayeh
10/24/2023 PLS 2nd Floor Paint 22 Offices Oscar Flores
10/16/2023 PLN 439 Renovation Computer Lab Conversion Felipe Meza
10/13/2023 Titan Walk Eroded Soil David Hess
10/12/2023 PLN SFM Corrections, Fire Proofing & Fire Stop - OS Ashton Daneshmayeh
10/12/2023 UPD HVAC Upgrades - Phase 2 Laura Riegler
10/12/2023 PLN 25 Enclose Storage Area Ashton Daneshmayeh
10/12/2023 Gastronome Display Removal Oscar Flores
10/12/2023 EC 348 Furniture Move Hang Items & Assemble Desk Anthony Sinopoli
10/12/2023 GH 120 Install Vertical Window Blinds David Hess
10/12/2023 SGMH 3119 Neat Bar Installation David Hess
10/10/2023 CS 209, 302, 306, & 410 Keypad Door Lock Upgrade David Hess
10/5/2023 KHS 282 Display Mounts David Hess
10/5/2023 EVENT Garba at KHS 151 David Hess
10/3/2023 MH 529 AV Upgrades Oscar Flores
10/3/2023 Campus Wide CCTV (50) - Phase 1 Oscar Flores
10/3/2023 SB BB Complex Remove & Replace Unsafe Light Poles Oscar Flores
10/3/2023 MH 629 Lab Stations Removal Oscar Flores
10/3/2023 Student Housing Phase 4 - Outdoor Digital Signage Oscar Flores
10/3/2023 PLN & EC AV Upgrades Oscar Flores
10/3/2023 DBH 168E Furniture Move Anthony Sinopoli
10/3/2023 Shippnig & Receiving T1101-A ADA Layout Anthony Sinopoli
10/3/2023 UPD Office Painting and Furniture Moves David Hess
10/3/2023 LH, HUM, PLS, RGC SFM Corrections David Hess
10/2/2023 KHS 151 Floor Resurfacing Felipe Meza


September 2023
9/29/2023 CS 300 AV Upgrade Oscar Flores
9/28/2023 TB 205 Information Counter Oscar Flores
9/28/2023 PLN 216 Install 6 Floor Outlets Oscar Flores
9/28/2023 Greenhouse Replace Data Enclosure David Hess
9/28/2023 MH Basement NAGPRA Shelving Laura Riegler
9/28/2023 CPAC 198B Wall Repair David Hess
9/28/2023 PLN 40 Wiring for New Printer David Hess
9/28/2023 EC 042 Install Keypad Lock David Hess
9/26/2023 HUM 8th Floor Modern Languages - Office Moves David Hess
9/21/2023 Arboretum Parking Lot Resurfacing Ashton Daneshmayeh
9/21/2023 Library Loading Dock Trailer Install Door Locks & Signage David Hess
9/21/2023 LH 209A & LH 215A Furniture Anthony Sinopoli
9/21/2023 MH 484 Room Renovation Carpet & Paint David Hess
9/19/2023 LH 108 Filing Cabinets Anthony Sinopoli
9/19/2023 PLS Starbucks Outlet David Hess
9/14/2023 GH 180 Install Persona Locks David Hess
9/14/2023 GH Bookshelf Assembly & Move David Hess
9/14/2023 VA-B 123 Replace Outlet David Hess
9/14/2023 EC 18 Install New Keypad Lock David Hess
9/12/2023 Campus Wide GU Zoom Rooms Ashton Daneshmayeh
9/11/2023 MH Basement Rekey David Hess
9/7/2023 Campus Wide Storm Damage (August '23) David Hess
9/5/2023 CPAC 2nd Floor Furniture Moves Alessandra Angeles


2023: July & August Projects


August 2023
8/29/2023 Chiller 7 Replacement John Spencer
8/29/2023 Softball Field Repaint Foul Posts Felipe Meza
8/29/2023 MH 241A Renovation David Hess
8/29/2023 EVENT 8/19/2023 TItan Welcome Weekend Daniel Saldana
8/28/2023 Verizon Cell Tower Equipment Renovation Ted Nakasuji
8/25/2023 PLS 6th Floor Renovation Lillie Wister
8/25/2023 Campus Wide Exterior Lighting - Phase 2 Joel Gonzalez
8/24/2023 SGMH 1201D Renovation Alessandra Angeles
8/24/2023 SH 25F Install Persona Lock David Hess
8/24/2023 GH 120 Paint and Furniture Move Anthony Sinopoli
8/24/2023 LH 5th Floor Replace Faculty Brail Room Signage David Hess
8/24/2023 LH 219A New Furniture Alessandra Angeles
8/24/2023 PLS 160E Install TV & Neatbar David Hess
8/24/2023 MH 484 Conference ADA Floor Plan Alessandra Angeles
8/22/2023 MH 2nd Floor Major Renovation - Group II Delivery & Install Felipe Meza
8/22/2023 Stadium Pressbox - Gas Line David Hess
8/22/2023 Gastronome Remove Equipment David Hess
8/22/2023 CP 5th Floor Furniture Moves Anthony Sinopoli
8/18/2023 Campuswide Storm Damage 2023 David Hess
8/17/2023 DBH 166D & 166E Electrical Upgrade David Hess
8/17/2023 LH 208 Patch & Paint David Hess
8/17/2023 CP 923 & 930 ADA Floorplan Anthony Sinopoli
8/17/2023 Gastronome Outlets Install David Hess
8/17/2023 Juice It Up Repairs David Hess
8/10/2023 CP 450 Furniture Moves Anthony Sinopoli
8/10/2023 CP 014 Furniture Moves Anthony Sinopoli
8/9/2023 SGMH/PLS Starbucks Upgrade Electrical for POS System Oscar Flores
8/8/2023 LH 112 & 112A Refresh Laura Riegler
8/7/2023 VA-B 123 Replace Outlet David Hess
8/4/2023 CW Paint FY22-23 ENG 220, ENG 308 David Hess
8/4/2023 Arobretum Sales Office Rekey Locks David Hess
8/4/2023 LH 114 Prepare the Room for a Signage Update Keira Toyias
8/4/2023 Juice It Up Repairs David Hess
8/2/2023 CW Paint FY22-23 CPAC 133, 219F, 372 David Hess
8/2/2023 CW Paint FY22-23 HUM 311H, 730i, 735F David Hess
8/2/2023 CW Paint FY22-23 KHS 241 David Hess
8/2/2023 CW Paint FY22-23 GH 447, 543 David Hess
8/2/2023 CW Paint FY22-23 MH 033A, 230B, 582C David Hess
8/2/2023 SH 25F Install J Box David Hess
8/2/2023 7/17/23 Campus Power Outage David Hess


July 2023
7/28/2023 MH 341 Remodel David Hess
7/28/2023 E. Concessions Ice Machine Installation David Hess
7/24/2023 MH 484 Room Renovation Carpet & Paint David Hess
7/21/2023 HUM 420A Signage David Hess
7/21/2023 CP 7th Floor ADA Review & Furniture Moves Anthony Sinopoli
7/21/2023 CP 850-08 Furniture Moves Anthony Sinopoli
7/21/2023 CW Paint FY 22-23 - EC 572, EC 688 David Hess
7/21/2023 MH 44 Remove Wall Rack David Hess
7/18/2023 Gastronome Outlets Install David Hess
7/13/2023 MH 476 AV Upgrades David Hess
7/13/2023 HUm 8th Floor AV Upgrades David Hess
7/12/2023 MH 629 Assemble & Deliver Desks David Hess
7/12/2023 BB Dugout Flooding Ashton Daneshmayeh
7/12/2023 VA-B 130 Relocate a Brick Saw to a New Outlet David Hess
7/12/2023 Trades Break Room Trailer, Install Drinking Water Filter David Hess
7/7/2023 Event 8/19/2023 Titan Welcome Weekend Daniel Saldana
7/6/2023 CW Maintenance Painting of Interior Common Spaces David Hess
7/6/2023 Presidents Office Furniture Anthony Sinopoli
7/6/2023 MH 420 Furniture Moves Anthony Sinopoli

2023: May & June Projects

June 2023
6/30/2023 GH229 Install key Card Lock David Hess
6/30/2023 PLN/PLS Install Keycard Devices David Hess
6/29/2023 CP 8th Floor Furniture Purchases Anthony Sinopoli
6/29/2023 Titan Stadium Remove Items Anthony Sinopoli
6/28/2023 Move Cubicles to MH 488 Anthony Sinopoli
6/27/2023 ENG 10A Patch & Paint David Hess
6/27/2023 MH 601C - Provide & Install New Blinds David Hess
6/26/2023 Baseball Bldg Emergency Sewer Line Repair John Spencer
6/23/2023 PLN Basement MRR Re-Position Floor Drain Felipe Meza
6/22/2023 MH 45 Furniture Removal Anthony Sinopoli
6/22/2023 DBH 167B Floorplan Anthony Sinopoli
6/22/2023 CW Paint FY 22-23 PLN 222 David Hess
6/21/2023 El Dorado Ranch Maintenance Service Request FY 22/23 David Hess
6/21/2023 CW Paint FY 22-23 - SGMH David Hess
6/18/2023 ENG-SW New Shipping Container Ashton Daneshmayeh
6/15/2023 GH-120 Paint and Furniture Move Anthony Sinopoli
6/15/2023 GH 106 Furniture Disposal Anthony Sinopoli
6/15/2023 Campus Wide Vehicle Free Zone Laura Riegler
6/14/2023 Custodial Outlets for Electric Carts Ashton Daneshmayeh
6/13/2023 EC-314 Desk Move Anthony Sinopoli
6/13/2023 MH 104N Desk Removal & Assembly Anthony Sinopoli
6/13/2023 PLS 6th Floor Renovation Laura Riegler
6/9/2023 GH Furniture Moves Anthony Sinopoli
6/8/2023 MH 133 Renovation Felipe Meza
6/7/2023 PLN Writing & Advising Center Relocation Felipe Meza
6/6/2023 LH Refinish Ceilings in the Main Corridors David Hess
6/6/2023 2023 Commencement Chargeback Pam Newton
6/6/2023 Campus Walkway Light Pole Inspection David Hess
6/6/2023 DBH & MH Replace 9 Bio Safety Cabinets David Hess
6/2/2023 ASC 106 Discard Furniture Anthony Sinopoli
6/2/2023 HUM 416 Leak David Hess


May 2023
5/31/2023 DBH Fire Repairs 5/30/2023 David Hess
5/30/2023 EDR Painting and Repairs Felipe Meza
5/24/2023 T100 Office Remodel David Hess
5/24/2023 H110 Lecture Hall Plumbing Leak Felipe Meza
5/22/2023 Phase 4 Housing IT Labeling John Spencer
5/22/2023 Verizon Cell Tower Equipment Renovation Felipe Meza
5/18/2023 LH Orange Groves Light Pole Paint Refresh David Hess
5/17/2023 SGMH 1201 Business Advising Center Expansion Ashton Daneshmayeh
5/16/2023 DBH 152 & 167 Equipment Deliveries Anthony Sinopoli
5/16/2023 Campus Wide Rain/Storm Damage (March 2023) David Hess
5/16/2023 ASI Spring Concert 2023 Daniel Saldana
5/16/2023 Campus Strategic Plan Celebration 5/11/2023 Daniel Saldana
5/15/2023 SHCC-W 184 Flooring Ashton Daneshmayeh
5/12/2023 SH-25F Install Personal Lock David Hess
5/12/2023 CW Outdoor Speakers Oscar Flores
5/12/2023 Arboretu Drinking Fountain Oscar Flores
5/12/2023 LH Digital Sign Oscar Flores
5/11/2023 GH 547 Painting David Hess
5/11/2023 Experience - Become a Titan Event Daniel Saldana
5/11/2023 LH 700A Deliver & Build Conference Table Anthony Sinopoli
5/11/2023 Gastronome Install Coffee Brewer Outlet David Hess
5/10/2023 TSU Vent Hood Replacement Panda Express Ted Nakasuji
5/9/2023 Central Plant Boiler Addition - Trade Support  David Hess
5/9/2023 DBH 1st Floor Ray Adam Wall Display Cabinet David Hess
5/9/2023 CP 7th Floor Furniture Moves David Hess
5/4/2023 Corp Yard & Athletics Replace Fence Screen David Hess
5/4/2023 ENG 100A Slat Wall David Hess
5/4/2023 UPD Install Locks David Hess
5/4/2023 Campus Wide Shelter in Place (SIP) Phase 4 Felipe Meza
5/3/2023 DSS Furniture Moves (GH 118 to LH 545) Anthony Sinopoli
5/3/2023 LH 501B Shelving Moves (CP 348 CCTV Moves) Anthony Sinopoli
5/3/2023 Titan Walk Outdoor Furniture Alessandra Angeles
5/2/2023 T1100 Painting David Hess
5/2/2023 DBH 166-D Install Tank Racks David Hess
5/2/2023 LH 209B Furniture Delivery & Removal Anthony Sinopoli

2023: March & April Projects

April 2023
4/28/2023 MH 2nd Floor Water Leak Repairs Oscar Flores
4/28/2023 Main Campus Entrance Sign Update Ashton Daneshmayeh
4/28/2023 PLN 436 Modifications David Hess
4/28/2023 GH 510, 512, and 544 Furniture Layout & Delivery Alessandra Angeles
4/27/2023 PLN 439 Renovation Computer Lab Conversion Felipe Meza
4/27/2023 SHCC-W Furniture Moves to Housing Anthony Sinopoli
4/25/2023 P&T Install/Replace Pay Stations David Hess
4/24/2023 MH 637 and 637A Teaching Lab Renovation Ashton Daneshmayeh
4/20/2023 CP Furniture Moves to LH Anthony Sinopoli
4/20/2023 DBH Signage David Hess
4/20/2023 LH 206D Desk Anthony Sinopoli
4/20/2023 MH 608 Room Layout for New Furniture Anthony Sinopoli
4/20/2023 HUM 725L Bookshelf Anthony Sinopoli
4/19/2023 Gastronome Remove Equipment David Hess
4/18/2023 Furniture Moves CP 344 to LH 624 Anthony Sinopoli
4/18/2023 ULC Furniture Moves Anthony Sinopoli
4/18/2023 CP 320 Cabinet Move Anthony Sinopoli
4/18/2023 RGC Damage Assessment David Hess
4/18/2023 KHS 014 Wall Bracket David Hess
4/18/2023 EC 314 Move Wall Mounted Shelving to EC 342 David Hess
4/18/2023 MH 601 Rekey Door Lock David Hess
4/17/2023 Greenhouse Repair Enclosure David Hess
4/17/2023 LED Wall Power at Titan Gym Oscar Flores
4/14/2023 Softball Press Box Design & Install Fixed Rood Access Ladders Oscar Flores
4/14/2023 Baseball Press Box Design & Install Fixed Roof Access Ladders Oscar Flores
4/14/2023 VA Complex "B" Design & Install Fixed Roof Access Ladders Oscar Flores
4/14/2023 EC 024 Design & Install Fixed Roof Access Ladders Oscar Flores
4/14/2023 PLS Design & Install Fixed Roof Access Ladders Oscar Flores
4/14/2023 VA Complex "A"-"C" Design & Install Fixed Roof Access Ladders Oscar Flores
4/13/2023 EC 303 AV Upgrades David Hess
4/11/2023 LH 208 Patch & Paint David Hess
4/11/2023 MH2 Renovation Continuation - Trade Support David Hess
4/11/2023 LH 2nd Floor Furniture Moves and Furniture Disposal Anthony Sinopoli
4/11/2023 PLN 320 Cubical Removal Kevin Moreno
4/11/2023 ROTC Bldg Drinking Fountain David Hess
4/6/2023 GH 146 ADA Opener David Hess
4/6/2023 CP 10th Floor Furniture Moves Anthony Sinopoli
4/5/2023 Campus Lighting Assessment Repairs David Hess
4/5/2023 MOD 106 Circuit Upgrades David Hess
4/5/2023 LH 802J Requests David Hess
4/4/2023 LH HVAC Retro-Commissioning Taher Angar
4/3/2023 CY PPE Storage Trailer Ted Nakasuji
4/3/2023 TSU ASI Board Room Pony Wall Installation Ted Nakasuji


March 2023
3/31/2023 VA-D 181B Temporary Vestibule Felipe Meza
3/30/2023 ENG 100A Furniture and Paint Ashton Daneshmayeh
3/28/2023 Gastronome Project Support David Hess
3/28/2023 MH 2 Renovation Trade Support David Hess
3/27/2023 Analog CCTV Cameras David Hess
3/27/2023 LH 700A Neat Pad David Hess
3/23/2023 PLN 220 DPS Convert 2 Outlets 220V to 120V David Hess
3/23/2023 PLS 237 Cabinet Replacement Anthony Sinopoli
3/21/2023 HUM 7th Floor Furniture Moves and Painting David Hess
3/21/2023 Campus-Wide Dec 2022, Jan 2023 Rain Damage David Hess
3/21/2023 CPAC/VA Lighting Upgrades Taher Angar
3/21/2023 CPFM Conference Room Upgrades David Hess
3/21/2023 PLS 343C Shelving David Hess
3/21/2023 Campus-Wide Rain/Storm Leak Repairs Feb 2023 David Hess
3/21/2023 GH 125A Floor Repair David Hess
3/21/2023 SGMH Starbucks Fridge Replacement Taher Angar
3/21/2023 LH 210I Re-Key David Hess
3/20/2023 LH 111 Keyboard Tray David Hess
3/16/2023 UPD Patio Install Drain Line Ashton Daneshmayeh
3/16/2023 MH 608 Items on Wall & Paint David Hess
3/15/2023 SGMH 3100G Office Renovation Ashton Daneshmayeh
3/15/2023 GH 315 & 223A Furniture Moves Anthony Sinopoli
3/15/2023 SGMH 5357 Design & Install Donor Plaque Ashton Daneshmayeh
3/15/2023 CPAC 220C Outlet David Hess
3/13/2023 CP 7th Floor HRDI Cameras Project Ted Nakasuji
3/10/2023 Stadium Pressbox - Gas Line David Hess
3/9/2023 DBH 166D & 166E - Electrical Upgrade David Hess
3/9/2023 LH 114 Reconfigure Desk Counters Anthony Sinopoli
3/9/2023 LH 801, 805 & 810 Window Graphics David Hess
3/9/2023 EC Exterior Building Painting Laura Riegler
3/9/2023 DBH Paint Exterior Laura Riegler
3/9/2023 LH Paint Exterior Laura Riegler
3/9/2023 Gastronome Entrance Add Power to Install 2 Air Ashton Daneshmayeh
3/9/2023 GH 313 Discard 10 Filing Cabinets Anthony Sinopoli
3/9/2023 GH 125A Remove Cabinets David Hess
3/9/2023 SGMH 3230 Convert to Zoom Room David Hess
3/9/2023 H-815G Refresh Anthony Sinopoli
3/8/2023 PLS 238 Classroom AV Upgrades Oscar Flores
3/7/2023 PLN 203 UROC Paint & Furniture David Hess
3/7/2023 Campus Lighting Assessment Repairs David Hess
3/7/2023 LS 140 Project Rebound Center Furniture Kevin Moreno
3/7/2023 UPD 110A New Chief's Office by Friday 3/10 David Hess
3/7/2023 HUM 521L Ceiling Repairs & ACM  
3/3/2023 Shelter in Place Phase 5 David Hess
3/3/2023 Zzyzx Kitchen Repairs David Hess
3/2/2023 SGMH 5357 Refresh & Furniture David Hess
3/2/2023 MH 104A Furniture Anthony Sinopoli
3/2/2023 GH 124 Furniture Move & Disposal Anthony Sinopoli
3/1/2023 Stadium Fieldhouse 107 Renovation Ashton Daneshmayeh

2023: January & February Projects


February 2023
2/28/2023 ASI Food Pantry Ted Nakasuji
2/24/2023 Campus Wide GU Zoom Rooms Ashton Daneshmayeh
2/23/2023 CP 730 Chair Disposal Anthony Sinopoli
2/22/2023 CY PPE Storage Trailer David Hess
2/22/2023 VA North Side 10' Container Replacement, SFM Anthony Sinopoli
2/16/2023 Softball/Golf Fencing and Gates John Spencer
2/16/2023 T104 and T105 Repair HVAC System Taher Angar
2/16/2023 CP 950 Reconfigure Remaining Cubicle Spaces Anthony Sinopoli
2/9/2023 Gastronome Display Removal Oscar Flores
2/9/2023 GH-180 Install Personal Locks David Hess
2/8/2023 Titan Hall 2nd Floor Moves Anthony Sinopoli
2/8/2023 Baseball & Softball Buildings Floor Repair David Hess
2/7/2023 UPD 104, 106, & 112 Paint and Furniture David Hess
2/7/2023 Relocate Storage Container Soccer to KHS Felipe Meza
2/7/2023 HUM 311 Flooring Felipe Meza
2/7/2023 PLS 352 Remove Counter & Move Furniture to PLS 363 David Hess
2/7/2023 Resident Hall (RH) Parking Lot Signage David Hess
2/4/2023 TSU 44 ESports Area Ted Nakasuji
2/3/2023 Campus Wide Floor Replacement Ashton Daneshmayeh
2/2/2023 UPD Entrance Door Hardware Modification Taher Angar
2/2/2023 CP 650 Move Furniture Anthony Sinopoli
2/2/2023 CP & LH Moves by 12/16 Anthony Sinopoli
2/2/2023 PLN 436 Install New ADA Door Opener Taher Angar
2/2/2023 GH 124 Move 2 Cubicles to MH 484 Anthony Sinopoli
2/1/2023 Campus Wide Outdoor Display Switches Oscar Flores
2/1/2023 Presidents Office Credenza Move Anthony Sinopoli
2/1/2023 Campus Wide Tree Wells Phase 1 Ashton Daneshmayeh


January 2023
1/30/2023 MH 1 and 4 Ethnic Studies Test Fits Laura Riegler
1/27/2023 EC 2nd Floor Restrooms (M/W) Sewer Repair Felipe Meza
1/27/2023 CPAC 281 Replace Floor Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/27/2023 VA Complex Renovation - Create Digital Fundraising Materials Laura Riegler
1/27/2023 Softball Batting Cages Drainage John Spencer
1/27/2023 HUM 810D Paint Walls & Clean Floor David Hess
1/27/2023 PLS 343A Remove Shelving David Hess
1/27/2023 CP 570-07 Dispose of Cabinets & Shelves Anthony Sinopoli
1/27/2023 PLS 77 Move Microsoft Surface Hub to Stadium Pressbox 206 David Hess
1/27/2023 LH 208 Painting David Hess
1/27/2023 PLN EV #1 Replace Flooring Taher Angar
1/27/2023 PLS EV #6 Recondition Exterior Elevator Taher Angar
1/26/2023 KHS 282 Remodel Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/25/2023 EC Fire Safety Corrections Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/25/2023 Road Closure Feasibility Study, Gym Dr. & No Name Road Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/25/2023 RGC 8 AV Upgrades Oscar Flores
1/25/2023 DBH HVAC Flood Felipe Meza
1/25/2023 Titan Hall 1114 & 1115 Renovation Felipe Meza
1/20/2023 Campus Roadway & Lot Repairs (Phase 1) Felipe Meza
1/20/2023 PLS 77 Doors Oscar Flores
1/19/2023 EC 66 Waste Piping Replacement David Hess
1/19/2023 EC 622A Blinds David Hess
1/18/2023 VA Demo Landscape Shed Anthony Sinopoli
1/17/2023 PLS HVAC Duct Cleaning (Infill Walls) Felipe Meza
1/17/2023 Humanities 118 Restroom Repairs Felipe Meza
1/17/2023 PLN PLS 1st - 4th Floor Atrium JCI Water Line Break Felipe Meza
1/17/2023 CPAC Air Handling Unit AH-2 Supply Fan Retrofit Felipe Meza
1/17/2023 EC Air Handling Unit AH-3 Supply Fan Retrofit Felipe Meza
1/17/2023 CS AHU-2 Supply FanWall Retrofit Felipe Meza
1/17/2023 LH 801 Water Leak Felipe Meza
1/14/2023 PM Annual Emergency Lighting Walks 2023 David Hess
1/13/2023 RGC Shapiro AB and CD Replace with Carpets or Tile Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/13/2023 PLS 180 Office Refresh DIRC David Hess
1/13/2023 Titan Hall Exterior Building Signage (Phase 2) Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/13/2023 Nursing Dept. Furniture Moves David Hess
1/13/2023 HUM 222A Data Port David Hess
1/11/2023 Strobe Light Alarm Alumni House Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/11/2023 PLS Library Elevator 4 Change Programming & Egress Taher Angar
1/11/2023 VA B 130A Furnace Circuit Laura Riegler
1/10/2023 PLN 216 Install 6 Floor Outlets Oscar Flores
1/9/2023 MOD Electrical Maintenance Felipe Meza
1/9/2023 HUM 8th Floor Furniture Moves David Hess
1/6/2023 PLN SFM Corrections Ted Nakasuji
1/5/2023 LH 108 Move and Discard Cabinets David Hess
1/5/2023 MH 161B Furniture Removal David Hess
1/5/2023 LH 210 LH 212 Furniture Move David Hess
1/4/2023 HUM Fire Line Repair Felipe Meza
1/4/2023 Sports Complex Daktronics Camera Installation PH2 Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/4/2023 SHCCW 155 New Flooring and Furniture Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/4/2023 SHCCW 189 & 193 Paint and Deep Clean Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/4/2023 SHCCW 191 Room Renovation Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/4/2023 SHCCW Room Renovations & Environmental Testin Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/4/2023 KHS 185 & 185A Renovation Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/4/2023 CPAC 290 Countertop Repair/Replacement Ashton Daneshmayeh
1/3/2023 Student Housing Phase 2 Camera Installation Project Oscar Flores
1/3/2023 Campus-Wide ADA Restroom and Signage Upgrades, Phase 1 Laura Riegler