Titan Gateway and Promenade

Nutwood Gateway

With Phase 1 completed in May, work continues this summer on a long list of improvements to the Titan Promenade, spurred by the need for fire lane improvements that will meet current fire codes. Starbucks Plaza is next!

While enhancing campus safety, the eye-catching project is designed to give campus visitors the unmistakable sense that they’ve entered Titan Territory. 

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Phase 1: Completed May 2019

  • An improved fire lane from Nutwood Avenue around the perimeter of Pollak Library to meet current fire safety codes and allow continued occupancy and renovation of the upper floors of the building
  • Decorative pavers, LED lighting and colorful landscaping, including trees, along the promenade from Nutwood Avenue to the southern edge of the library
  • New furniture and WiFi towers to create informal outdoor learning spaces, called "garden rooms," along the promenade
  • Installation of a South Gateway at Nutwood Avenue - final lettering to be installed in June 2019

Phase 2: February 2019 to Fall Semester 2019

  • Improvements to the north quad, with new stairs and a “front porch” at the south entrance to the library
  • Continuation of promenade improvements along the east side of the library, including bike racks
  • Improvements and additional seating at Starbucks Plaza, near the east entrance to the library

Future Phase 2A

  • A redesigned south quad, with more level-ground space, better configuration and amenities for events and performances

Directions and Contact Information

  • The bridge along the east side of Pollak Library will be closed for promenade construction through summer 2019.
  • Please travel north-south using the bridge along the west side of the Education Classroom Building.
  • Pedestrians can enter the library from the east using two  foot paths leading to the south and east library entrances. Please use caution during cold or rainy weather.
  • Wheelchair users and visually impaired patrons should access the library from the west side, using the south or west library entrances. Contact Disability Support Services at for assistance in navigating the construction zone.
  • Please adhere to all signage. During construction, no skateboards or scooters can be ridden through the walkway in front of Pollak Library. Please walk.

If you have questions or concerns during construction, please contact:

  • Service Manager Pam Newton at (657) 278-3199 (office), (657) 253-2896 (cell) or via email at


Other Major Capital Projects

Pollak Library South

Library south

4th-5th Floors
This project fully renovates the 4th and 5th floors, with open areas, more data and power ports, paint, flooring, a meditation room and family room, and updated restrooms.
Budget: $4.8 million
Contractor: AC Martin architects, EPT Design, PCL Construction
Status: Underway
Timeline: October 2018 to August 2019

Fire Life Safety Improvements
This project creates 70 ventilation windows for smoke control, installed in the south and west faces of the 2nd through 6th floors, plus basement smoke control and a modern fire lane to meet current fire codes.
Budget: $11.75 million
Contractor: AC Martin architects, EPT Design, PCL Construction
Status: Underway
Tentative Construction Timeline: Window installation through mid-summer; full completion by December 2019

6th Floor
This project includes fully renovated space to house the Center for Oral and Public History.
Budget: $6 million
Contractor: AC Martin architects, EPT Design, PCL Construction
Status: Design work in progress
Tentative Construction Timeline: Spring 2019 to December 2019

Electronic Billboard

electronic billboard

A new 60-foot-tall electronic billboard is now up and running on East Campus Drive, near the Eastside Parking Structure. With two LED screens, visible from the 57 Freeway, the sign will help engage the community in campus programs and events.
Budget: $1.2 million
Contractor: PCL Construction
Status: Completed

Eastside 2 Parking Structure

Parking Structure

This project will improve East Campus Drive and build a six-story, 1,900-space parking structure north of the existing Eastside Parking Structure. The structure will feature a solar canopy, energy-efficient LED lighting, elevators and a staircase.
Budget: $38.9 million
Contractor: Bomel Construction
Status: Design is being finalized for seismic code and State Fire Marshal review
Tentative Construction Timeline: June 2019 to August 2020

McCarthy Hall 2nd Floor

McCarthy Hall

This planned project includes fire-life-safety upgrades throughout the building, plus a full renovation of McCarthy Hall’s second floor to provide modern space for learning and faculty-student collaboration.
Budget: $40 million
Contractor: PCL Construction
Status: Board of Trustees Schematic Approval expected in July 2019
Tentative Construction Timeline: July 2020 to July 2021

Baseball/Softball Facility Improvements

Baseball Field

Serving our student athletes and fans and aiding in recruitment, this project will improve accessibility, renovate and add locker rooms, showers, coaches’ offices and other improvements to the Titan baseball and softball facilities.
Budget: $12 million
Design Firm: DLR Group
Status: Board of Trustees Schematic Approval expected in June 2019
Tentative Construction Timeline: April 2020 to February 2021


Campus Care Projects

A safe, clean, functional and inviting campus is vital for effective teaching and for the success and well-being of our students. Here are just a few of the projects our team is proud to have completed in support of our university’s mission.