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Our dedicated staff maintains and improves our grounds and facilities through a wide range of work from cleaning to capital programs. The CPFM leadership manages five general areas. For questions or concerns, please reach out to our team for assistance!

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Sarabdayal Singh

Associate Vice President
Capital Programs & Facilities Management

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Leonardo Lopez

Environmental Health & Safety

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Laura Riegler

Interim Director
Planning, Design & Construction

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Mission Statement

At Capital Programs and Facilities Management, our mission is to offer high-quality services that support, sustain, build, and care for the facilities and infrastructure of California State University, Fullerton. We are dedicated to providing an environment that enhances the campus mission toward education, research, and public service.

Vision Statement

The vision of Capital Programs and Facilities Management is to provide excellent services in the creation and maintenance of world-class facilities for the campus community.

Core Values

Safety Teamwork Accountability Respect Stewardship (STARS)


Slogan: We Support. We Sustain. We Build. We Care.