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Capital Programs and Facilities Management

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  • 17,483
  • Work Orders Completed in 2023
  • 17
  • Active Major Capital Projects
    & over 250 Minor Capital Projects
  • 241 Acres
  • Campus Facilities and Infrastructure
  • 229
  • CPFM Team Members

Land Acknowledgement

We collectively acknowledge that Cal State Fullerton is located on traditional, ancestral, and contemporary lands of Indigenous people. Before this land was colonized, it was cared for and called home by the Tongva and Acjachemen Peoples. We recognize that this land holds great historical, spiritual, and personal significance for its original inhabitants. 
To ensure that we are truly catalyzing change rooted in this social justice principle, Cal State Fullerton recognizes and continually supports and advocates for the sovereignty of the Native nations in this territory and beyond. By offering this land acknowledgment, we affirm tribal sovereignty and our commitment to the tribes that historically called this land home.