Sustainable Waste Management WebMap

In 2013, Sustainable Waste Management Services, the GIS Research Center, and the CAD Office partnered to inventory and map trash cans, dumpsters, and dumpster locations on campus. The infrastructure developed serves as a both a permanent archive and a functional, ongoing resource management system. The team included a faculty mentor, several staff, and dedicated students working together. So far, the spatial database and online map have helped reconcile billing, identify needed maintenance, communicate with vendors and staff, and plan future programs. A second phase will take place to update inventory and update recycling service levels.

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We wish to thank the following for their effort:

Staff and Faculty: Dr. John Carroll, Doug Kind, Steve Dugas, Hyun Lim, Kyriakos Toyias, Terri Thompson, and Leaa Short.

Graduate Students: Michael Shensky, Adam Aaron, Tamara Wagner.

Undergraduate Students: Anthony Nguyen, Brittany Hastings, Kellen Hietpas, Marisa Trumble, Joe Bustos, Gavin Jenkins, Jenna Oshita.