Solid Waste Logistical Services

Solid Waste Logistical Services manages the primary municipal solid waste disposal and hauling services on campus including:

  • Maintaining indoor and outdoor Recycling and Waste Bins
  • Coordinating the waste hauling service contract
  • Providing services for special events and needs throughout campus

To order event bins or waste disposal containers please call the Service Center at ext. 3494 or email

Note: College Park, Titan Books, Titan Student Union, Student Recreation Center, and the Children’s Center are entirely managed by their auxiliary. Arboretum, Housing, and Carl’s Jr. Recycling and Waste Bins are managed by the auxiliary and waste hauling services are managed via Solid Waste Logistical Services.

Contractor Waste & Recycling Requirements

When placing waste containers at CSUF, please contact Dennis Davids, Danny Miranda Jr., or Kevin Mattson regarding delivery date/time, container size, and proposed drop location on campus. Please refer to the Campus Roll-Off and Waste Container Guide for more details.PDF File Opens in new window

Please see Construction and Demolition Materials Recycling Requirements for details regarding proper C&D Disposal at CSUF.PDF File Opens in new window

Prior to work, please submit a Waste & Recycling Plan.PDF File Opens in new window

After completion of work, please submit Reuse, Recycling, & Disposal Reports with certified waste tickets.PDF File Opens in new window