What Goes in The Blue Bin?Tuffy Zero Waste

Separating waste and recyclables at the source increases the amount of material that can be recycled by reducing contamination. By keeping recyclable materials separated, clean, and dry, more material can be diverted from landfills.




Paper Icon

If you can rip it, recycle it! Any color, finish.
Clips, staples, and bindings ok.

No paper towels, tissues, napkins, liquids, or food waste.

  • Paper juice and milk boxes
  • Chipboard (cereal boxes)
  • Copy/computer paper
  • Pizza boxes (no pizza or grease liner)
  • Magazines, newspapers, and brochures
  • Envelopes and file folders
  • Paper bags
  • Empty paper cups
  • Paperboard (frozen food boxes)
  • Corrugated cardboard (flattened)



Plastic Icon

All plastics #1-7. Lids and caps ok.

No soft plastics (bags and film), lab plastics, plastic utensils, liquid, or food waste.

  • Clear beverage bottles
  • Clear tubs (e.g., candy tubs)
  • Natural jugs (e.g., milk jugs)
  • Opaque bottles (e.g., shampoo bottles), cups (e.g., yogurt cups), jugs (e.g., detergent bottles), and tubs (e.g., cottage cheese tub)
  • Empty plastic cups



Metal Icon

Any metal. Labels ok.

No large scrap metal, electronics, liquids, or food waste.

  • Aluminum cans (no liquids)
  • Beverage cans (no liquids)
  • Aluminum foil (clean)
  • Steel cans (soup/food)
  • Storage tins



Glass Icon

Any glass food container of any color. Lids and labels ok.

No lab glass, light bulbs, mirrors or ceramics, liquids, or food waste.

  • Beverage bottles (e.g., soda and juice)
  • Jars (e.g., pickle jar)

NO liquids - food - paper towels or napkins


  • Empty liquids and food into the sink or trash
  • Remove ice and straws
  • Keep recyclables dry and clean

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For general recycling questions, please email recycle@fullerton.edu or ext. 7492.