Green Revolving Fund (GRF)

CSUF is currently piloting a Green Revolving Fund (GRF) with an inaugural allocation of $1,000,000. This fund will lend itself to campus wide energy initiatives whereby the utility incentive and the annual energy savings will be re-allocated to the GRF to fund future projects. For example, if an energy project costs $1,000,000 and the utility incentive is $240,000 with an annual energy savings benefit of $200,000 the math would follow accordingly: $1,000,000 - $240,000= $760,000 total project cost. The project costs would then be divided by the annual energy savings. $760,000/$200,000 = 3.8 years to make the fund whole again. Thereby making year 3.8 and after pure cash flow to build the reserve of the GRF to exceed the original balance of $1,000,000 which would grow exponentially over time.