Energy Efficiency (EE)

CSUF is acutely focused on Integrated Demand Side Management, (IDSM) which is the accumulation of Energy Efficiency (EE), Demand Response, and Distributed Generation. CSUF has a very strong EE acumen as we have participated in numerous campaigns over the years such as: Interior and Exterior Lighting Retrofits, Demand Control Ventilation, Variable Frequency Drives on various technologies, Photocells, Occupancy Sensors, Photoluminescence, Controls, etc. CSUF constantly surveys the emerging markets for new technologies to incorporate within our campus. In addition, we are currently enrolled in a campus wide Demand Response program which yields incentives and bill credits during peak energy times for reducing our consumption. We are presently working to modernize the campus load curtailment strategy with varying phases in order to cater to the nature of our students and faculty on load imperative days. CSUF is an active participant in the UC/CSU partnership whereby the Investor Owned Utilities pay our campus $.24/ kWh for all energy projects with a project camp of 80 % in most cases. Since the partnership's inception, CSUF has been a leader in participation.