Utility Enterprise/Energy Efficiency

Unit Mission

The Utility Enterprise and Energy Efficiency department is responsible for directing the campus portfolio of diverse utility technology systems along with managing the new energy efficiency program and associated personnel. We are charged with the planning, engineering, development, and expansion of CSUF's campus utility generation systems. We are tasked with the integration of emerging and advanced technology solutions within our campus footprint. We manage all of the utility budgets along with the design and appropriation of proprietary charge-backs within the internal infrastructure of our campus-wide customers. We are responsible for the development and facilitation of the campus wide Strategic Energy Plan. We are charged with the investigation and implementation of emerging, renewable power systems in order to expand CSUF's renewable energy platform. We manage and reduce campus wide carbon emissions, advancing net-zero building energy mandates. We constantly strive to seek new sources of funding through grants and incentive programs within the industry. We partner with the Investor Owned Utilities, (IOU's) in order to participate in their UC/CSU partnership which yields inflated incentives to install energy saving projects across campus, thus exponentially benefiting the economics in our rationale. We are piloting a $1,000,000 Green Revolving Fund, (GRF) whereby the annual energy savings and incentive money from the utility get re-allocated back into the GRF in order to fund future energy projects.


Services We Provide:

Renewable Energy Strategic Energy Plan Sustainable Waste Management Services Budget & Billing Energy Efficiency Green Revolving Fund