Geographic Systems (GEOSYS)


Unit Mission

Our rebranding from the 'CAD' office to GEOSYS (short for Geographic Systems), endeavors to meet head on any new challenge that comes our way, and at the same time look for new and exciting ways to present data that may not have been previously thought of. GEOSYS will take the initiative to develop and pitch maps to various departments on campus. Maps which we believe may be both a useful and powerful visual tool. The goal of our efforts is to create an awareness of what GIS can do for the campus' ongoing strategic development. Opening the doors to getting campus-wide support is our pursuit, and it will be left to the various campus departments' imagination what types of information they wish to visualize to help them on their path of successful expansion! Here's to the future of strategic mapping integration, GEOSYS.


Over the last 15 years, the CAD Office has served the campus community by providing relevant maps, managing the campus community by providing relevant maps, managing the campus utility drawings and the archival and retrieval of all campus building plans and data.

CAD/GIS Department Today

As technology has advanced and new capabilities and representation methods have developed within the GIS world, we started to envision a richer work environment by implementing GIS tools into our work flow. We would still continue to service the campus as before by providing maps and support documents, but now with the implementation of GIS, we will exceed our role in ways not previously imagined. Our move towards intelligent data rich mapping is the key to successfully serving the campus over the next 15 years. For that reason, we needed a new name to represent our new direction.

Say hello to "GEOSYS, Strategic Mapping Integration." So what does the new name mean? What is this fresh new direction? GEOSYS.

GEOSYS (Geographic Systems)

Our sub-name, GEOSYS, defines our scope of services -- "STRATEGIC MAPPING INTEGRATION."

  • STRATEGIC: Device useful maps for representing existing campus data, by gathering that data from other departments and rebranding that data into useful and powerful maps so that departments are able to successfully strategize, visualize and expand their continuing development
  • MAPPING: Continue to provide access to archived drawings; continue to maintain the campus base plan and utility drawings, keeping campus building floor plans up to date, and continue to serve the campus and local community as we have always done by providing specialized maps.
  • INTEGRATION: Bringing this all together, we will continue to integrate the information requested into a deliverable product with excellent customer service.


Services We Provide:

Campus Archive Geographic Info Systems Mobile Document Access