Space Management

Space Management

Space Management is responsible for tracking, analyzing and managing physical spaces in support of the academic and administrative needs of the university.

  • Maintain campus Space and Facilities Database which served as the foundation of campus capital planning and space management; report changes to the Chancellor’s Office annually
  • Provide statistical reports of space and facilities in support of space planning and space management
  • Recommend changes in spaces to optimize space utilization within a college or department
  • Identify space deficiencies based on the campus enrollment projection, changes in academic programs, and the legislative approved space standard; assist campus departments with space planning and capital project development
  • Consult with campus clients in the programming and preliminary planning for space layouts and remodels

Neither Space Management staff nor any staff within Facilities Planning and Management are responsible for assignment of space, Facilities Planning and Management does not determine:

  • When or where instruction occurs
  • What facilities are assigned to which college or department
  • What individuals are assigned to which offices

These decisions are made at the divisional level, that is Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and so on.