California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Compliance

California Law entitled the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires an environmental impact report (EIR) be prepared and approved by the CSU Board of Trustees for campus capital improvements which may result in significant environmental impacts. An EIR is prepared for each major master plan amendments, which serves to combine a number of proposed buildings and their associated enrollment growth into one EIR.

“Environmental impacts” may refer to the natural world, such as impacts to water and air quality, for example, or it may refer to community issues such as vehicular traffic congestion. All potential impacts are evaluated, but in the mostly urban environment of the Fullerton campus, case of the community impacts are usually the most significant. Facilities Planning manages the CEQA process, with the support of consultants and CSU Chancellor’s Office staff.

Recent court decisions have determined that CSU campuses have some degree of responsibility under CEQA to negotiate fair compensation to other governmental entities for the negative impacts of campus growth and development, such as traffic. The impact of this on the Fullerton campus is not yet clear. It is expected to become a significant new issue affecting campus growth and development.

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